About David Michael
David Michaels Photography

About David Michaels.

Raised in a small town, David started work on a farm when he was 5 and learned early that he had a passion for images that captured the beauty and wonder of life and nature.
Over the next several decades, he lived in every Western state and found that there was beauty in every place that he was, the challenge was how to retain those memories while on his journey.
Father of two beautiful daughters, Step-Father to a fine young man and his young family, the photo opps never stop coming.
Recently completed coverage of the 2015 Oscars in Los Angeles and Nascar race in Las Vegas. Video and stills to document both events as well as continuing to cover charity events and red carpet/step and repeat phots as needed.

David Michaels

David Michaels


Classically trained, David learned darkroom techniques at an early age. Every frame of a 35MM roll held endless memories and gave opportunities for learning and growth to be applied to the next roll.
Over the years, as David grew with the technology, his skills and experience began to show as his imaging captured the essence of the moment and the emotion that, if missed, would be gone forever.

Experience includes, but not limited to:

Portraits (not the boring ones)
Events (Birthday, Anniversary, milestones, Graduation)
Family photos, Reunions, Bar Mitzvas
Fashion Shoots - including providing pictures for portfolios.
Freelance work
Nature stills

The Studio

David Michaels Photography has a completely mobile studio to take advantage of any setting and able to shoot on location at your home, office or event.

What People Say About Us?


So wonderful to work with David!!:)

Kaylee Holman


I like work with the David. He is very professional.